Story Sessions - Nick Reed of 253 Media

February 25, 2019

Even though eCommerce marketing is very unique and specialized sector, there still can be a lot to be learned from a marketing agency outside of the industry. Eli and Kyle had the pleasure sitting down with CEO/Founder, Nick Reed, of 253 Media to learn about the amazing growth and strategies he has dialed with his company. Nick has created an agency that specializing in marketing strategies and processes for auto dealerships. Even though auto dealerships and eCommerce are two massively different markets, there is still plenty of tips that Nick has for us.

From the  253 Media website:

We are redefining how small and medium sized businesses connect with their customers. With over 214,000,000 active users, your audience has their attention on Facebook. From the first time your new customer sees your ad, to the day they buy, we can help.
Our advertising system doesn't stop with social media. Our dynamic digital advertising program integrates all aspects of the digital world to make your marketing budget stretch as far as possible.
Our innovative marketing and customer engagement strategies can optimize and streamline your company’s sales process by efficiently connecting your sales team with qualified in market shoppers who are ready to buy! Our comprehensive funnel system can increase customer engagement by more than 10X and will ensure that your in-house sales team is focused on the right customers.
As you can see 253 Media packs a punch of value for their clients. Nick also shares with us some of his own eCommerce ambitions and what he has been working on. To connect with Nick, you can reach him at

Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the podcast!

Kyle Nelson

About the Author

Kyle Nelson, CEO of Results Imagery has a background in media, branding and marketing. With past start-up success and noticing an emerging need in premium eCommerce media services, he co-founded Results Imagery; allowing the industry to have a full-service studio option serving national clientele ranging from fortune 500 companies to small mom-and-pop boutiques.