Case Study

FATCO Skincare

Branding video focused on storytelling the company founders.


Project Overview

Fatco is brand of skincare products produced using tallo and currently on the shelves of Target and many other major retailers. With the brand growing so quickly, they needed to tell their story and educate consumers about the product. We set out to create a brand documentary to tell their story through video.

Our Approach

This production spanned across multiple days of shooting in multiple locations. The focus was spent learning Cassy Burnvoth’s story and her why behind creating this type of skin care product. With the combination of the story and the framework behind the educational aspect, we produced a video that adds credibility to her brand and has positively influenced her sales.

Our Services

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Product Video

Product Video

Fatco Skin Care Behind The Brand


"A few months back we worked with Results Imagery on a brand video for my company, FATCO. They were amazing to work with, and in the end produced a video that was extremely high quality. We have since been able to use this video content on multiple channels, to drive traffic to our website. We also used some of the shorter video clips to run FB ads, which have helped to drive sales. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take your brand to the next level!"

Cassy Burnvoth, Founder