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Case Study


Product launch video with sponsored NBA player, Yogi Ferrell.


Project Overview

Magnak was launching a new magnesium beverage and needed both lifestyle images and product videos for the unveiling. These assets were going to be used in various public relations and advertising campaigns. Magnak recently secured a sponsorship deal with professional basketball player.

Our Approach

Our goal with this shoot was create a series of videos that represented the brand and its features while showcasing the athlete using the product. This production involved coordinating a shooting location that suited the vision of the client. We created multiple edits and lifestyle photos that could be used across multiple marketing channels.

Our Services

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Product Video

Magnak Sports Drink Lifestyle Product Video

Product Video


"Results Imagery created a series of lifestyle videos for us to launch a new drink. Eli and the team did a stellar job in coordinating and working with the athlete to produce an impactful video that has lead to more drink sales for us! Very genuine team that has a true passion for media."

- Dr. Sourabh Kharait, MD, Ph.D.

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