Case Study

Secret Trail Brewing Company

Brand Documentary Video focused on story and brew process.

Project Overview

Secret Trail Brewing Company located in Chico, California is a local brewery with a strong focus on community and craft beer. Secret Trail was in need of a brand documentary video to help tell their story behind their unique beer as well as showcase their 3,200 sq. ft 15-barrel production brewery. After a thorough brand analysis and gaining a complete understanding of the story behind Secret Trail, we were able to craft a video storyboard plan to turn their brewery into a well executed visual storytelling piece.

Our Approach

To differentiate Secret Trail Brewing Company in the local craft beer community of Chico, it was clear that we needed to showcase their unique way of brewing beer alongside their strong focus on community involvement. By leaning headfirst into our storyboard phase of the project, our team was able to create a video storyboard behind the people of Secret Trail, both customers and owners, as well as showcase the process behind their production. Remember to Live and Drink Off the Beaten Path!

Our Services

Brand Documentary Video, Lifestyle Photography

Secret Trail Brewing Company

"We were very happy with how the brewhouse was represented and it gave us a platform to express our ethos. The documentary effectively painted the picture for those who want to know more about us."

Jesse Fischer, Owner

Product Photography

Secret Trail Brewing Company Brand Documentary

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