Case Study


Branding value proposition video with product showcase.


Project Overview

The scope of this project was to showcase Winterial’s products but also its brand mission in the form of compelling photography and videography. The brand has a unique value proposition and the client wanted to express that to its audience.

Our Approach

This project included a series of lifestyle images and a brand documentary that represent Winterial’s mission. We broke this production into multiple days of filming, sourced the talent, locations and props. The goal of the brand documentary was to highlight the founder and his passion behind the brand and their mission to create an affordable line of quality gear for the weekend warrior.

Our Services

Lifestyle Photos, Product Videos, Brand Documentary

Product Video

Product Video

Winterial Brand Video


"Working alongside Results Imagery was seamless process from the beginning to the end. Before even booking the location and date, they laid out the vision and storyboard which helped our team get a good idea of how this video was going to flow. We have worked with Results Imagery for both photos and videos and in both cases they have far exceeded our expectations. Our goal with the brand documentary was to highlight our story and what the brand was founded on and Im confident that we have met that goal."

- Brand Manager, Winterial