What's Included

Logistics & Planning

We'll handle your shot list building and storyboarding for your project

Dedicated Production Management

100% all-inclusive pre-production management for your project

Dedicated Creative Director

All projects assigned a dedicated Creative Director

100% Custom Created Content

100% custom photos, videos, and graphics unique to your brand

Amazon A+ Content - Product Description
Create detailed animated videos that showcase the features

Offer a breakdown of all of your products most important features.

Amazon A+ Content - Product Description
Create a brand style and voice for your brand

Showcase your brand voice and drive community following.

Amazon A+ Content - Product Description
Maximize your ad campaigns CTR on any display ad network

There is a lot of noise on apps and websites, utilize videos with your ad campaigns that attracts attention.

Additional Information

Technical Details
  • 1 minute Standard Duration
  • 1080p Standard Quality
  • .mp4, .mov Standard File Types

About Animated Infographic Videos

Creating visuals of your product and brand is imperative for marketplace success. Allowing customers to understand what your product does, how its used, and more about the brand that creates the product is important during the customer educational journey. Utilizing an animated infographic video in addition to your photos can help increase conversions and build trust in the purchasing decision. Through our customized approach towards each project, you will quickly understand why hundreds of brands have chosen to work with Results Imagery as their outsourced creative partner for animated infographic video services.

Results Plus

If your content needs an average of 350+ images or 10+ videos (per-year), or if you are in search of ordering media monthly; Results Plus offers discounted services and beneficial perks to streamline your media needs.

20% Discount Across All Services

Get a 20% discount on all photo, video, and design services.

Free Climate Controlled Product Storage

Store your products in our climate climate-controlled studio with no storage fees.

Monthly eCommerce Optimization Call

Get access to our internal eCommerce Strategists for one-on-one support.