Amazon A+ Content - Product Description
Create a detailed video about your products assembly process

Help your customers after the purchase and increase retention.

Amazon A+ Content - Product Description
Decrease product returns

One of the #1 reasons buyers return product is they do not have the resources to build a product.

Amazon A+ Content - Product Description
Create full visual transparency around your product

Every side and angle presented to assist full understanding of product.

What's Included

Logistics & Planning

We'll handle your shot list building and storyboarding for your project

Dedicated Production Management

100% all-inclusive pre-production management for your project

Dedicated Creative Director

All projects assigned a dedicated Creative Director

100% Custom Created Content

100% custom photos, videos, and graphics unique to your brand

Available Add-Ons

$649 per model
Full body model
$249 per model
Pet model
$99 per project
$499 per model
Hair and makeup
Studio location
$849 per location
Indoor location
$199 per location
Outdoor location
In-house props
Ship props to Results Imagery
$99 per project
Shop for custom props
$99 per product
$79 per product
Clothing steaming

Additional Information

Technical Details
  • 1 - 3 minute Standard Duration
  • 1080p Standard Quality
  • .mp4, .mov Standard File Types

About Assembly Videos

In order to decrease returns, you must understand the top reasons why most shoppers return a product. Most sellers find that not providing assembly video resources to their sellers can create an increased rate of returns. Through a thorough assembly how-to video, you can decrease returns and increase customer satisfaction. Through our customized approach towards each project, you will quickly understand why hundreds of brands have chosen to work with Results Imagery as their outsourced creative partner for assembly video services.

You only pay for what you need

With Results Imagery, you can get 100% custom eCommerce content all under one roof to help you grow your brand.

Trusted by many

Results Plus

If your content needs an average of 350+ images or 10+ videos (per-year), or if you are in search of ordering media monthly; Results Plus offers discounted services and beneficial perks to streamline your media needs.

20% Discount Across All Services

Get a 20% discount on all photo, video, and design services.

Free Climate Controlled Product Storage

Store your products in our climate climate-controlled studio with no storage fees.

Monthly eCommerce Optimization Call

Get access to our internal eCommerce Strategists for one-on-one support.