What we're all about at Results Imgery

In the Beginning

We didn't start out thinking we'd revolutionize content production for brands. But here we are. It all began with a simple, yet powerful idea: Why not create a place where brands can get all their product content - photos, videos, graphics - in one spot? This idea sparked our mission to 'Bring Products to Life.'

Just like that, Results Imagery was born.

Early Days, Big Challenges

Our first hurdle?

In the beginning, it wasn't easy. We were faced with skeptics - small sellers unsure of the impact that quality content could have. We took this challenge head-on, not just by offering discounts but by becoming educators and advocates for the power of visual storytelling. We showed them that with the right content, their products could tell a story, engage customers, and ultimately, drive sales

How did we do it?

By proving that we knew our stuff from our founders' experiences in scaling eCommerce brands. This all started to happen in 2017, around the time when new Online Sellers on Amazon started to grow at a very high annual rate, resulting in thousands of brands needing content for their D2C product listings and websites.

Amazon Revenues From 2015 - 2022
Source: Amazon Growth Chart 2015-2022 via FourWeekMBA

We then became the go-to team for lifestyle e-commerce content, helping clients see the value in that we could in fact transform their brand into something more than just an "Amazon Brand".

We truly were the pioneers behind small and medium size brands investing in lifestyle eCommerce photography for their online stores.

A Unique Solution: Our Promise to Brands

Then we saw brands struggling, lost in a maze of agencies, freelancers, and disjointed efforts. We asked ourselves...

"What if there was a way to simplify this?"

And so we did.

We promised a seamless, worry-free experience - a complete, end-to-end content creation solution that was not just about delivering exceptional quality but also about consistency, timeliness, and alignment with brand vision. Just like that, we became more than a service; we became a partner in our clients' success.

Our Founders: The Pillars of Our Success

  • Eli Libby, our visionary co-founder, brought the strategic insight of scaling consumer brands to the table, understanding deeply how pivotal content is in the e-commerce world.
  • Kyle Nelson, our other co-founder, wasn't just an award-winning photographer; he was a storyteller with a camera, blending artistic flair with a sharp business acumen.
  • Clint Libby, the architect of implementation, with his background in scaling brands, technical expertise and capturing trends, brought an unparalleled experience in not just building the business on the inside, but nurturing client relationships and steering our operational strategy towards new heights.

Their shared passion for media and e-commerce created a unique synergy, fueling Results Imagery's growth and setting us apart in the industry.

From Humble Beginnings to New Chapters

Fast forward to 2020, we moved from a small studio in Chico, California, to the vibrant landscapes of Bend, Oregon. This move wasn't just a change in location; it was a transformation in our creative canvas.

Surrounded by the majestic beauty of Central Oregon, with its mountains, lakes, rivers, and urban settings, we discovered 100s of backdrops for the creation of our product videos and product photos.

Unlike typical studios confined to indoor settings, our relocation to this region with its four-season environments opened up a world of possibilities. It allowed us to capture products in diverse, real-world settings – from snowy mountain peaks to serene lakesides and city streets. This unique aspect sets us apart, enabling us to offer our clients a variety of authentic, dynamic, and engaging visual narratives, truly bringing their products to life against the backdrop of real world environments.

AI Fakes vs. Real: Authenticity Always Wins

In a world increasingly leaning towards AI, our heart lies in authenticity.

As we look ahead, our path is clear. We stand firm in our belief in the power of authentic product photography and product videos. Our commitment is to create visual experiences and stories told through the camera lens, not through algorithms.

Our future is about keeping it real, one shutter click at a time.

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