Ghost Mannequin Photos

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  • Social Media, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, Ad Campaigns
  • Product details and storytelling
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About Ghost Mannequin Product Photography

The ghost mannequin effect allows you to take several photos of an item on a model or mannequin, and then combine the images to eliminate the model or mannequin in post-production processing. The outcome is a natural image that keeps the focus on your product. Your shoppers will have a great understanding of the details of your product and see how it may fit without the distraction of a model.  Through our customized approach towards each projects, you will quickly understand why hundreds of brands have chosen to work with Results Imagery as their outsourced creative partner for ghost mannequin product photography.

Optimize your 3rd-party marketplace channels to meet requirements

Ensure your brand meets the marketplace requirements to increase conversions.

Make your best first impression with a hero image

Establish trust with your customers by showcasing your products' features in the most accurate way possible.

Create a seamless omni-channel experience across multiple marketplaces

Create confidence throughout the entire customer journey on Amazon, Shopify and all other online marketplaces.

What's Included
Logistics & Planning

We'll handle your shot list building and storyboarding for your project

Dedicated Creative Director

All projects assigned a dedicated Creative Director

Dedicated Production Management

100% all-inclusive pre-production management for your project

100% Custom Created Content

100% custom photos, videos, and graphics unique to your brand

Technical Details
  • Ratio options available 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 9:16
  • Full resolution and web optimized available
  • Includes retouching
  • .jpg, .png, psd, .tiff, and other file types available
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