3 Things You Should Be Doing As An eCommerce Brand On Shopify

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January 9, 2024

The most popular platform that is growing day after day for online retailers is Shopify. They have made it simple and seamless to upload images, inventory and giving you a plethora of front end themes that will “wow” your customers. Retailers should focus on many things when selling through Shopify, and in a recent podcast we broke down the top 3 things you should be doing when selling on Shopify. You can give it a listen below.


You have found the golden nugget to eCommerce when you are spending little to no money on advertising. This is done through good SEO page rank and metadata embedded in your site. The Shopify out of the box ranks well in most search engines which is a plus but there are many ways to increase SEO rank. A couple tactics are blogs, metadata within images, backlinking and many more ways.


Customers don't have the ability to touch and feel the product like they do when walking down an isle in a store. As the online retailer your job is to give them every possible angle of your products so that the customer can “touch” the product with their eyes. High quality imagery will build credibility and trust of your storefront and is vital to Shopify success. Video is HUGE in Shopify. Videos, if done correctly, can bring your product to life and give a sense of the lifestyle behind the brand/product.

Plugins & Shopify Integrations

A selling point to Shopify is its easy ability to plugin to different tools and platforms via various Shopify apps. Connecting your social media channels into your inventory will give you the control from your Shopify dashboard to make changes to your social commerce. There is a huge list of apps that connect with your store, but social media connectors are worthy of holding the number one rank for most important.

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