Why Talking To A Producer Before A Photoshoot Is Imperative And Why It Shouldn't Cost You Extra

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January 9, 2024

Problem is, there are many “fast”, “casual” and “Ship. Shoot. Deliver.” photography studios that do not give you access to a Producer (which comes in forms of a creative director, art director or even a photographer) prior to your shoot and if they do, unfortunately, it is going to cost you sometimes up to $1,000 just to chat with someone on the phone about inspiration for your shoot. 

Can you believe that? Spend $1,000 just to chat with a Producer to get the images you want?! 

At Results Imagery, we are an all inclusive service provider. When choosing to work with Results Imagery for your product photography service needs, we always offer a Creative Director, Art Director, Photographer or all of the above to jump on a call and help you with the photography brief planning so we can work as a team collaboratively to create the best imagery that will showcase everything your brand, product and vision is all about. 

Results Imagery Producer on a video call
Results Imagery Producer on a video call

The list is endless on the benefits of chatting with a team member of the photography studio you choose to work with during the planning process (pre-production) of your photoshoot. Not only is it beneficial for the brand but it also helps the studio understand exactly what the media needs are. 

Most fast-casual photography companies request you to fill out a pre-production form prior to the scheduled photoshoot in hopes that is enough generalized information to create customized, unique imagery to your brand and product. 

Here is the deal - that may work for simple product on white photography or even very simplified image sets that are wash and repeat but for the bulk of brands, they need customized images that will drive engagement and uniqueness to their listings, social feeds and websites. They need images that speak to their target market and more importantly, images that convert clicks to buys.

At the end of the day, you need images that create less scrolling, and create more clicks. At Results Imagery, we do exactly that. We provide a customized approach to each brand we work with, create a relationship with them and truly become an extension of their team. 

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of working with a studio that offers a Producer with every project. The list is endless, like mentioned, but I want to touch on these top 3 reasons why talking to a producer before a photoshoot is so important and why it shouldn’t cost you.

1 - Brand-Centric Media Assets

One of the number one things we love most about creating imagery for brands is not just creating it to showcase the product but also helping create imagery that speaks to the brand. In order to truly understand what the brand is all about and the way it wants to perceive itself to its market audience is by jumping on a phone call and talking through the details of your brand and how the images can help share that message.

Every piece of content a brand publishes is an extension to the brand's voice. It not only is showcasing a product but it is telling an indirect story about the brand. Creating images that aren’t fully brand focused can, at times, create confusion about a brand and who the market is which creates second-guessing in the customer journey. Having a producer chat with you to go through all the options and being a sounding board for the brand has shown to be helpful in creating  brand-centric media assets. And better yet, it doesn’t cost extra money!

Product Photography Studio Photo Shoot
Product Photography Studio Photo Shoot

2 - Photography Brief Creation Help

Not everyone is a creative person. In fact, most people we chat with appreciate that they can say “Hey, I am not creative and I need help!”. We have worked with thousands of brands and have created thousands of media assets for these brands. Creating unique images that showcase your product in a way that speaks to your brand, and more importantly the shopper, is what we do best. From some of the largest household name brands to small side-hustles we truly have collaborated with all sorts of individuals and teams. 

We enjoy the pre-production process. It allows us to offer to our clients the insight we have as product photography professionals. We understand what is currently trending and what the main focus is for brands that is driving social engagement. Utilize our insight, collaborate with our team and let us help you create a photography brief that will help you sell. And better yet, it doesn’t cost extra money!

3 - Create Omni-Channel Consistency

Omni-Channel marketing! Everyone is talking about it, everyone is doing it, are you? Having a consistent voice across all your platforms is imperative in today's commerce landscape. If you are not 100% familiar with the term Omni-Channel marketing, here is a quick overview below.

Omni-channel marketing is  a multichannel approach to sales, marketing and customer service that focuses on providing seamless customer experience whether the client is shopping on a website, marketplace listing, social media, brick-and-mortar store or other shopping avenues. 

Having a Producer on a call will help sort out exactly what media needs to be presented on all platforms/shopping avenues to make sure it is a consistent experience throughout the customer journey. Introducing members of your product photography team early on in conversation will help with the overall long-term vision of your marketing plan. Allowing them to assist in strategizing and understanding the brand voice as it grows over time.

Your brand voice typically starts with the media you publish. That media needs to stay consistent throughout all touch points. Having your media company every step of the way is helpful and having a producer that is invested in the long-term vision is a great competitive advantage. And better yet, it doesn’t cost extra money!

There should never be a time that you are not creating a strong relationship with your product photography studio you choose to partner with. Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand and so does marketing and media. Having your eCommerce media company assisting in strategizing, creatively thinking and guiding you along the way is how big brands win and successfully create a strong brand experience. 

Through all the different options for product photography agencies, each one has a uniqueness and different approach. We find that our approach is the best approach for any brand looking to build a strong relationship with the team supporting marketers, eCommerce directors, sales reps., and founders. Our number one goal at Results Imagery is creating imagery that creates a lasting impression on a shopper and truly brings a product to life.

Ready to kick off a conversation with a Results Imagery creative director, art director or photographer? Contact us today and we would love to help your brand create imagery that sells!


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