5 Pro Amazon Product Photography Tips That Will Increase Conversions

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Results Imagery
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January 9, 2024

You can make your products stand out on Amazon by taking the right pictures. Here are some expert ways for you in taking these perfect frames!

Follow the Amazon Image Guidelines

The guidelines for Amazon product images are to have a pure white background. The intent of this specification is to draw attention to the products you're selling, but sellers should only use it as the main image and one or two others in the imagestack. Otherwise, natural backgrounds work perfectly in drawing focus and creating an amazing human element to your listing, which creates emotion and increased conversions.

To make sure your product images are as eye-catching and enticing for customers, you need to choose a background that will contrast with it for other images other than the hero image. Professionals suggest going with backgrounds such as pure white or matching colors so viewers can more easily see what they're buying without any distractions from other elements on screen like text labels (which we know is important!).

Proper Use Of Light

For any type of photography, light plays a significant role in enhancing the quality and beauty that can be captured with it. The right kind also makes all the difference when trying not only to increase sales but rather give them personality through interaction between models' poses and location. This is essential when trying to create a brand around your listing and consistency among the omnichannel platform experience.

Lighting is one of the most  important things to focus on with a product photography photo shoot. It can truly make or break your images. The great part about light is it can be manipulated in so many amazing ways to create beautiful shadows or create different moods and styles that the image puts off. 

Studio Product Photography
Studio Product Photography

Use a DSLR Camera vs. Phone Camera (here is why)

In order to take an image with your phone camera just right, you must have your lighting and environment perfectly to capture your product in its best light. To have professional images on your listings you will want to utilize a DSLR camera. Main reason is the capabilities of post-production editing you can do with RAW images from a DSLR camera vs. a camera phone. You can push the exposures, shadows, contrast, white balance and clarity 100x with a RAW image versus a simple low quality image captured through a Phone Camera. 

To have a strong competitive advantage over the other competition on Amazon your product images must showcase that. We can personally guarantee the majority of top sellers on Amazon are not utilizing cell phone cameras for their Amazon Product Photography needs because they understand the pure power of a professional, high-quality image a DSLR can capture. 

Capture Multiple Angles Of Your Product

​​When taking photos of your product, make sure to take pictures from every angle. Transparency is an important factor in promoting the sale of any goods and providing customers with enough information will help them decide whether or not they want to buy what you are selling!

In order to showcase all the features of your product, capturing multiple angles of your product is the best way to do that. In addition, grabbing images that are “zoomed in” to specific features is a great way to create amazing selling points through your Amazon product photography on your product listing. 

Another great way to accomplish this is through 360 product photography. This style of photography service will capture on average 72 images in a 360 degree focus so a buyer can get a great idea of every portion of your product and the detail put into it.

Lifestyle Product Photos On-Location
Lifestyle Product Photos On-Location

Product on white photography for Amazon is an essential part of the image deck on your listing but there is so much more you can offer to shoppers that hit your listing that has the ability to increase conversions and time spent on your listing. There are two specific styles of photography that we recommend at Results imagery that will enhance your listing and overall product showcase.

Creative In-Studio Production Photography allows you to offer engaging, colorful, fun, and complementary images to your listing that creates mood and emotion when viewing. This image style is pure creativity and helps create a brand voice and style to your product as well.

Lifestyle Product Photography will help you humanize your product and brand. Adding models will allow you to showcase case use, custom locations will help you educate the shopper when and where your product can be used, and the use of props that are complementary to your product helps create familiarity to the shopper while viewing your images. 

In Conclusion - Your Amazon Product Photography Matters

There is a definitive correlation between the quality of your Amazon product photography on your marketplace listing and the conversion your listing will produce. When getting started (or just in need of quick content) DIY'ing your content is an option but in order to elevate your listing in it’s ranking, increase sales and overall build a strong brand on amazon, hiring a professional Amazon product photography company is the best option.

At Results Imagery we work with hundreds of Amazon sellers (both top sellers and new sellers) to create images that will effectively showcase products and create strong emotional connection to the shopper which correlates typically in an “add to cart” click. If you are ready to create unique, stunning images for your Amazon listing contact us and we will be more than happy to have one of our Amazon experts chat with you about the opportunities available for quality Amazon product photography.

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