7 Reasons Sellers Need Amazon Product Photography to Increase Sales

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January 9, 2024

You've got your work cut out for you if you're trying to get ahead of the pack on Amazon. Between the almost countless competitors, and the strict rules homogenizing digital storefront, finding an edge is tough.

Hope is not lost! The power of Amazon product photography transforms your offerings from options to desire. To use photography effectively for product images takes passion, skill, and a fair amount of psychological mojo.

Remember that uniqueness matters over quality in the mind of consumers. If you convince them your product offers something that others don't, you're already 75% of the way to a sale.

Read on to learn why you need to invest in top-notch marketing photography.

How Amazon Product Photography Drives Sells

We all know that Amazon's strict guidelines make standing out with the first product photo exceptionally difficult. The bulk of your identity needs to come in the subsequent photos, as Amazon image requirements only apply to the first image.

Even so, the first image matters for that important first click. Getting that image into shape is more about what not to do.

Amazon ranks its top results the way search engines do. This means having the proper keywords and content descriptions matter. It also ranks by clicks and traffic count, so once the ball gets rolling your rankings increase.

Now that you know these insider strategies, let's take a look at the different ways that that quality images can increase sales.

1. Quality Images Command Our Attention and Spark Positive Feelings

The eyes do a lot of work for our brain. Of the sensory organs, optical processing takes up the most real estate.

A robust product image conveys quality and care to a potential customer. A grainy, blurry, and static image indicates a lack of care and gives a poor impression.

Bright, crisp images create positive thoughts and foster goodwill towards the product and the seller. Dark lighting and dirty elements create fear and distrust.

Command the buyer's psychology through subtle techniques over big swings (though we'll get to the big swings further along).

2. Clear, Simple Images Build Trust

Amazon photo requirements stipulate that you only show the offered product(s) in the first image. This isn't a millstone but a good practice to build and maintain trust.

Showing extraneous items in a photo seems like a good idea to create a lifestyle story or narrative.  However, making a customer think they'll get an item not included leads to negative feedback.

Keeping images clean and centered on the product reflects the quality and promise of the product.

You don't put up a product page to sell the offering, you do it to sell YOUR offering. The buyer's already looking for the product, they only need to be sold on you as the provider.

3. Multiple Angles Dismiss Doubts

In this instance, the more of the product you show the better. Buyers come to a page with specific questions in mind. They also pop in looking for red flags over green lights.

Showing the product from different angles lets them see how it will fit into their lives. Provide examples of common objects for comparisons in size. Post a disassembled or unboxed guide to give an idea of the components.

A close up shown in context lets the customer examine finishes and fine details they want to know about.

4. Demonstrations Create an Ownership Mentality

Not everyone conceptualizes a product in the same way. A mug might be a comfort item for one person and a workhorse for another. For photos further along the bar, it's time to create these options.

Static images demonstrate quality and prove that you offer what they want.

Complex and demonstration images put the customer in the mindset of already owning the time.

It's not if they own it, it's what they use it for. Indicating action and motion in a still image takes skill. Actual photos of motion can very easily come out blurry.

Put your products into action through demonstration photos that communicate clearly without clutter.

5. Text Overlays Elaborate on Options and Features

Not every product shines in a single image. For some, the multitude of functions and features gives them value. To show all the options of your offering you need to be clear and robust.

The text helps in these images, which is allowed by amazon product image requirements beyond the first image. Feature exhibiting emphasizes details and answers to preemptive consumer questions.

Features represent the largest gap between product offerings. Models of different products that include one thing over another have made the public want to know that what they think they are getting and what they receive are the same.

6. Strong Images Create a Need

It isn't just about want and interest. A good photo sets the wheels in motion to make the viewer feel like they are lacking without the item.

This is done by showing the product in the context of everyday uses set in a positive light. Everything associated with the product works and feels good.

Changes from one image to the next, especially disparate changes, create stronger engagement. The more varied the images are while able to maintain a through-line, the stronger the connection built.

Creating need in this way limits competing wants. A consequence of psychology called the endowment effect makes it hard to justify getting the same but not the exact product.

If you've ever seen a person demand the floor model of television, rather than one out of a box, you've seen that process in action.

7. Consistency Builds a Brand

Consistent image creation builds a brand. Even if the products you sell are wholesale, rather than produced by you, the branding matters.

Consistency creates comfort which creates trust. Building a brand through an easily identified image structure also helps root out competitors.

Customers shopping other offerings can get an itchy, apprehensive feeling when seeing a similar, but not quite the same, image. This comes from the uncanny valley effect.

We're programmed to distrust things that seem off as a survival instinct.

Show Your Results

We offer excellent Amazon product photography services because we believe in the power of photos to tell a story and sell them to the world. That's the joy of merging marketing ingenuity with technical bravado.

To get started, send a message and let us know what you want to see.

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