A Look at 2018's Top eCommerce Trends

January 15, 2019

Last year was a year of growth for eCommerce. There were many trends that made up this growth that we feel are something to really pay attention to in the upcoming year. Some of these trends will continue into 2019, while other trends will slow down and not be as impactful.

Overall these trends are ones to really dive into and make sure you are implementing them into your eCommerce business. One of our favorite trends that we mention in the podcast is social commerce.

Define: Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves social media, online media that supports social interaction, and user contributions to assist online buying and selling of products and services. More succinctly, social commerce is the use of social network(s) in the context of e-commerce transactions. *Wiki

Social networks are where the eyes are in today's world. Wherever eyes are there will quickly be monetization, especially in the world of eCommerce. In 2019 we predict that social commerce will see a huge uptick and platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook will focus more on integrating social commerce.

Check out the podcast below where we touch on several other eCommerce trends that happened in 2018. So, sit back, grab a coffee or beer and enjoy our look at the top 2018 eCommerce trends on The eCommerce Buzz!

Kyle Nelson

About the Author

Kyle Nelson, CEO of Results Imagery has a background in media, branding and marketing. With past start-up success and noticing an emerging need in premium eCommerce media services, he co-founded Results Imagery; allowing the industry to have a full-service studio option serving national clientele ranging from fortune 500 companies to small mom-and-pop boutiques.