Drink Photography: How To Maximize Your Beverage CPG Brand Images

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January 9, 2024

Creating Converting CPG Content

To drive engagement, clicks and sales you need very well thought out copy, web designs, campaign management but the visuals is the primary reason for the shopper to find interest and want to learn more about your beverage brand. 

These product photographs need to stand-out, be loud and, more importantly, be consistent across your branding and platforms you are utilizing to educate and drive sales about your product. Essentially, the full effectiveness of your omni-channel marketing shopper experience highly relies on creating converting content that will resonate through all of your marketing avenues. 

There are so many ways to maximize your beverage CPG brand product photography. Through different styles, utilizing different colors, locations, models, props, and variations of your product. The potential is endless. But there are three specific places you can get started with to really hone in on your content and create a foundation for your content to fuel your marketing needs.

We are going to dive into 3 different styles of product photography for your CPG brand that are the gateway to amazing visual assets for your brand that will be the catalyst for you every-time you begin a marketing campaign, freshen up the content on your website or general media needs. You’ll know exactly where, why and when to use each of these product photography styles.

Let’s jump right into it!

3 Drink Photography Styles To Focus On

One of the most thought about questions for a CPG beverage company is “How do I make my drink photography stand out?” This is a question we are constantly consulting on and assisting our clients with. There are a variety of ways to elevate your online presence through photography. 

The biggest goal with any product photography campaign is to showcase all features of your product, the images are color accurate and, most importantly, help the shopper make an informed decision to purchase your product through educating them to the best of your ability through imagery. 

Product on White Photography

Product on White Photography allows any brand to showcase the product in its entirety. If you were to think of one image that was “What you see is what you get”, these style of images should represent that. Having your first image of a listing (whether on your Amazon listing, Shopify website or other eCommerce websites) an image that best represents your product, without any confusion will increase conversion and create less friction for your shoppers.

One thing to mention about Product on White Drink Photography is making sure that the image is color correct, amount (volume and size) is easily understandable, and the buyer understands the flavor profile. Don’t you love it when you purchase something and the image of the product doesn't fully line up with what you purchased? Of course not! That is why having accurately represented imagery of your drink product is essential and imperative as your product on white photographs.

Focusing on stellar product photography will uplift your brand value and awareness. This will allow your candle products to have a naturally stronger competitive advantage and make it an easier choice for any shopper when comparing brands.

Just Bubbles Spring Water Product on White Photo
Just Bubbles Spring Water Product on White Photo

In-Studio Creative Product Photography

For engaging, emotional, fun, and thumb-stopping images for your CPG beverage brand you want to publish creative product photography that is typically created in-studio. These are sets created to compliment your brand, utilize props that make your product pop and offer creative angles that push emotions to the max. These images typically create emotional pull and interest toward a brand to learn more and engage with. 

The best way to explain these images is “thumb-stopping”. Whether the image is being used for ad campaigns, social media or marketplaces; these images will stop you in place and engage through either a click, like or comment. These are great images to showcase what your beverage may be complemented by, whether it be a snack or other items. Another great use of these images is included a hand model to show size comparison so the shopper can better grasp how much volume they will be purchasing. 

Modern Mixology and Craft In-Studio Creative Product Photo
Modern Mixology and Craft In-Studio Creative Product Photo

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle product photography for CPG brands always brings in a human element that every brand needs to connect with anyone seeking your brand to better understand it. These images are powerful on website, listings, social media, ad campaigns and any other internal/external marketing needs. Lifestyle images tell stories, they create emotion and allow your brand to have a powerful voice. 

We all enjoy seeing the products we purchase in the hands of a human, utilizing the product the way it was designed to and see the images created in a location that speaks to us. For an alcohol based beverage, this could be several individuals in a home setting during the holidays enjoying a drink. For a sports based beverage, this could be an athlete enjoying the beverage during an activity. Lifestyle product photography tells stories and allows the shopper to best understand the product is for them.

Riff Drink Lifestyle Product Photo
Riff Drink Lifestyle Product Photo
Humm Kombucha Lifestyle Product Photo
Humm Kombucha Lifestyle Product Photo

Other Visual Opportunities

Outside of drink photography, there are so many other visual opportunities to choose from that can be used in so many unique ways. If the saying goes “an image can speak a thousand words” think of what a video can speak. It can speak volumes about your brand, products and everything in between. Below are some great CPG Beverage product video options to up your brand and tell more about your brand visually. 

Stop-Motion Animation

An affordable way to get started with video is through stop-motion animation. If you are not familiar with Stop-Motion, to sum it up it is many individually photographed frames so that they appear as one independent motion when stacked together. These are always fun, engaging and thumb-stopping. Think of it as living photos for your beverage brand.

Short Product Videos

If you are in search of quick, snappy, consumable content to liven up your social media feeds or reels/stories; then a short product video is exactly what you are in search of. These can beautify the product and brand in a quick way that is engaging. Disrupting a person's social feed is exactly what you need to grab their attention and drive engagement. A simple image taken with a cell phone won’t drive traffic and sales to your website but a thought out and powerful short product video will give your CPG beverage brand the boost it needs in the social feeds.

Lifestyle Product Videos

To really elevate your beverage brand and take it to the next level with your visuals, a lifestyle product video is the best selection possible. 30-60 seconds of pure descriptive, engaging, feature packed content that will turn your shopper into a buyer. Utilizing locations, models, props and applying the right use case; these videos can upgrade your brand and grab your audience's attention. 

In Conclusion - Imagery Works

Drink photography can be very powerful if done correctly. When done correctly and then shared in the appropriate channels - your brand can have a very powerful impact with its marketing channels. Imagery works. It can increase your brand voice, awareness and overall value through the visibility it can create for your brand.

If you are looking to elevate your brand with premium drink photography for your CPG beverage brand, reach out to us at Results Imagery and we will create conversion-focused images that will give your brand the accompanying imagery it deserves.

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