How Strong Kitchen Product Photography Can Help Your Sales

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Results Imagery
Published on
January 9, 2024

Having strong kitchen product photography for your brand and product will not only increase your sales conversion but will help your viewer better understand your product. Showcasing your product in an environment, with complementary items and even models push visitors and viewers to see themselves using the product, which ultimately creates an emotional attachment. Depending on the product shooting, there are a variety of different styles that can be created that can tell a different story.

At Results Imagery we create different style of lifestyle photography for our clients. One being, kitchen product photography, which has its own style and look to it. Typically this style is also called “top-down” photography which allows you to showcase many complementary items with  your product and creates a clean, easy view of your product. Below are some examples of kitchen “top-down” product photography.

Top-Down Product Photography Examples

Offering images that place the product in its natural environment is proven to increase sales conversion in addition to buyer return. Creating images that complement your products help build a strong brand and voice to your company. Following a style of photography will bring your customers and followers back to your social pages and website to see what is new with your product offerings.

Another option to offer in your listings and social page are kitchen product videos. These put life and depth to your products, giving your viewers a better understanding and connection to your product. Below is an example of a kitchen product video.

Kitchen Product Video

As you can see, videos help put your product in hands and in the correct environment. Allows viewers to get a better idea of dimensions and use of your products. That way you will have less individuals reaching out asking about the technical aspects of your product, allowing you to focus on more important tasks like marketing and product development.

There are other ways to create kitchen product photography, which is through a professional product photography studio. They can create in-studio sets that can compliment your product and can relate to kitchen style images. These in-studio sets have their own style that are not kitchens, per se, but have a similar style and vibe to kitchens. Below are examples of in-studio kitchen product photography.

In-Studio Kitchen Product Photography

Kitchen product photography can help create an everlasting and amazing first impression for any potential customers that view your images. Times have change and people buy products with their eyes, not their hands. Online selling is always growing which makes selling your product online increasingly difficult. Having complementary photos on your listings and website will increase sales conversion and showcase your product in ways that your competitor may not be.

If you are interested in have dynamic and unique kitchen product photography for your product; reach out to us through email or phone and we will get your started on the right path to increase sales conversion with your product listings and website.

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