Think Local When Selling Online

February 25, 2019

When starting an online business, many instantly begin to think that their traffic and sales are solely based through online marketing efforts. Although, for the most part, this can be true; there are many ways to drive traffic to your website, listing or sales in general through offline marketing strategies. These offline marketing strategies can be utilized through print publications, sponsorships and other traditional marketing tactics.

But, what if we told you that one of the best ways to drive offline traffic to your website was through local efforts done by you and your team? Even though a large majority of traffic that converts in sales is most likely from online sources, there are several ways to drive traffic to your website locally in your own town through a list of different ways.

Through networking, you could virtually drive a great initial amount of traffic to your website when you first get started. A popular saying in business is:

“To be seen, you must show up.”

This means if you want to gain business, contact and ultimately become a known brand in your respected market, you have to not only be seen online but show up to networking events in your market and where you're located. All it takes is one connection that may be the right one to take your online business to a level you are striving for.

Eli and Kyle sit down and chat about why everyone should think local when selling online. So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the podcast!

Eli Libby

About the Author

Eli is the Co-Founder of Results imagery with his origin story rooted in the world of eCommerce. Starting a multimillion dollar direct to consumer brand in the outdoor adventure sport space, his passions of media and eCommerce have fused together to help sellers convert more sales through high quality imagery and impactful product videos.