Top 10 Ways To Explode Your eCommerce Shop on Instagram in 2019

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January 9, 2024

What are your Instagram goals in 2019 for your eCommerce business?

Many of us are looking to grow the reach of their page with higher following count, while others are looking to figure out the unlock in posting converting Instagram posts that will turn into sales. Either way, all eyes are on Instagram in 2019 and it's clear that the platform is growing exponentially. With growth comes leverage. The ability to leverage your account to turn into new followers which leads to buyers if done right.

The environment on Instagram in 2019 for eCommerce sellers is perfect to create an audience that is responsive and engaged. That is if you post the correct imagery to your page that tells a story, yet compelling enough to perform an action. Any eCommerce seller can create a page that can explode in 2019 through focusing on a few effective trends. Through consistency of these top 10 trends below you will see your Instagram page will grow in followers, but more importantly, in engagement.

Let’s get started on 2019’s top trends to explode your Instagram page.

  1. Story Ads on Instagram
  2. Product Tagging and Shopping
  3. Niche Content
  4. Sharing User-Generated Content
  5. Personalizing Instagram Stories
  6. Create an Instagram Centric Location
  7. Utilizing Real Models
  8. Creating Content With Professional Photographers
  9. Sharing More Professional Video Content
  10. Consistency - Having a Content Calendar

Target Your Audience with Story Ads

Using relevant story ads will increase your capabilities of reaching the targeted audience desired. This will optimize your reach and increase the traffic flow to your eCommerce business also. The trend is a smart investment guaranteed to have a measurable impact on your business and users.  With your story ads you will need to ensure that the content is engaging and interesting. This will help to make a long lasting impression on customers and potential customers.

Make your eCommerce business name stand out and catch the eye. Accomplish this by getting the point across clearly, use an image or video and inform the audience where to locate your business. Understand that the users can not rewind the ad, so the concept needs to be simple, but straightforward so the idea is easily followed.

Pull Users in With Product Tagging and Shopping

Before you begin product tagging and shopping, your Instagram business account has to be approved for these features.  Once you are approved you can get the latest version of the Instagram app and then enable business setup.  With product tagging and shopping, you need to combine the products with visual posts and stories.

Make sure you are using different forms of high-quality content and add a link back to your landing page. Use product stickers, this enables the user’s direct access to pricing, product details, and the business website. This feature gives the user an opportunity to discover more products or services your business offers.

Bring in Profits with Niche Content

By now it might seem to be an endless “To Do” list in promoting your business, but your hard work will not go unnoticed. Once you have established the targeted niche, you need to emphasize how the service or product is your consumer’s solution.  When constructing niche content, it needs to highlight what is unique about every aspect of your business. Express in detail what your customer or potential customer can expect in what your business can deliver. In the niche content clearly, state what products or services are available and what problem it can solve. It is simple, be clear, state your niche, address a problem, provide a solution and state your promise.

Promote Your Business Using User Generated Content

User-generated content comes from outside of your business created by customers on your products or services. These are normally designed from pictures, videos, tweets, blogs, testimonies and much more. So instead of the product or service promoting itself, your consumers are. Be authentic, show your consumers how your products or services are enjoyed and benefited by others.

Remember “Word of Mouth” is powerful in marketing. Consumers are more persuaded in user-generated content, then just your business brand-created content. Sharing user-generated content builds trust, reliability, and awareness.

Be Recognizable By Personalizing Stories

Personalizing Instagram stories needs to be engaging with the users. The key is to interact, have high-quality content and show your products or services in action. Use visual effects with multiple images of your products or services at different angles, with different individuals and several different environments. You can also use a call to action or promo codes with the images; this is a great technique to draw the user in. Remember “Think Outside the Box” be memorable, engaging and interactive. You want your stories to catch your audience eye and have them think “Hey that’s me; I need this”. A great investment is to have a professional create the right eye-catching images and videos.

Consumers Need Your Centric Location

Tagging the location of your business is essential for your current customers and attracting more. You want your business on the map through Instagram, this will show you're active in front of potential customers and current customers who are active on social media. User continuously searches locations for several reasons and you can be just what they're looking for. Geotags can be used on all images you post on your business account.

active in front of potential customers and current customers who are active on social media. User continuously searches locations for several reasons and you can be just what they're looking for. Geotags can be used on all images you post on your business account.

When your location is put into the search, your images will appear to the user. This gives you the advantage for the user to further explore your business and see what you have to offer. Another great way to invest in your business is to hire a image content professional, who will give you that eye-catching image to pull the user in.

Attracting More Customers with Real Model Images

Posting the right eye-catching images not only attract current customers, but also other user’s. Using real model images of your products or services reflects the authenticity of your business and marketing message. Appeal to the customer without having to use any difficult sale pitch. A shopper is more confident in buying your products or services when provided a clear description and really crisp images.

Remember you want to be professional, unforgettable and recognizable. Be consistent with all descriptions, images, post, and videos. You are showing the users what your business has to offer. Real model images need to fit together in what you and other customers are saying. Results have clearly shown using real model images has attracted more customers and built more of a trust foundation.

Make an Impact by Creating Content with a Professional

Overshine the competition with unique content and astounding images with a professional. You want to promote your business with powerful images in an array of creative ideas. This will catch the users eyes and persuade them into looking into your business further. This is a smart investment to hire a professional from Results Imagery. They are at your disposal, to create your unique content and have it all over social media.

Visual content improves marketing, giving your page a polished, attractive and well-finished look. Having professional original content brings the most attention and respect. A user that has seen the same image repeatedly you used in other places are more likely to pass your business right up.

Success with Professional Video Content

The more engaging professional video content you share, the more traffic you drive to your business and search rankings go up. With the professionals from Results Imagery, they amplify your products or services attracting more potential customers through unique video content. Give the users a taste of what your business has to offer with professional, one of a kind and engaging content.

Don’t just claim that your products or services are the solutions, you need to show them! Remember your business is not the only one out there, so you want to stay ahead of your competitors with interesting and unique content. This will help ensure your business to retain customers and bring in new potential customers. With a custom video through a professional, you have the ability to quickly and easily get your message across.

Content Calendar Your Social Media Tool

Stay on track and be ahead of the game with a content calendar. You can schedule all your social media content in advance and stay on top of your daily posts. You can decide exactly when to publish your content on social media. Since running a business can be stressful, being organized will help you to have consistent daily content published.

Elevate your business by not missing any opportunities in engaging users. For example, by staying on top of any specials you may be running, regular holidays and social media holidays. Keep a consistent posting schedule it is one of the best ways of keeping and attracting users.

In conclusion, there is a one way ticket to success. . . .

It has been said for many years “First Impressions is Everything”. Most consumers do judge based on the cover. If your business content is not high quality, professional and clear, you risk of losing a potential customer. Giving users more high-quality on-site content provides them more opportunities to familiarize themselves with your products or services. Have quality content also helps your business higher visibility in search engines. In conclusion, promote your business with professional high-quality content and be consistent. You want to be memorable, not forgettable.

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