How Video Can Help with SEO Rankings in 2020

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January 9, 2024

Many business owners swear by the power of quality video content, and for good reason. Video creation can help improve a company’s SEO ranking, increase conversions and site reputation, and boost sales. With so many benefits to reap, it only makes sense to prioritize video content as part of your marketing strategy in 2020. Video can help pave the way toward exceptional SEO optimization. Here’s how!

Videos Marketing and SEO

Most business owners know that search engine optimization is key to drawing traffic to a website, but many do not think much about the inner workings of SEO metrics. As you aim for that first-page listing, you should be familiar with the steps required to get there and how video content can help you reach that goal more quickly.

  • Video content can increase your search engine results page by reducing your website’s bounce rates. Offering your site’s visitors a video or video series to watch helps keep them on your site longer. As a result, search engines get the impression that your site is providing value to your visitors.
  • Embedding a video into your posts helps drive organic traffic to your website, increasing your click-through rates by over 100%.
  • When people view your videos and the quality or content impresses them, they’re more likely to backlink to your site, effectively exposing your content to a wide array of people without you having to pay for additional marketing.

While video content can no doubt yield impressive results, it’s important to remember that quality and content relevance matters. For example, videos with poor audio or screen quality will likely not attract many people to your page. Additionally, posting a video to your website with no context or enticing page design is not likely going to invoke much excitement either. 

Instead, you’ll want to create videos with the highest quality you can produce and embed them into site pages that are well-designed and provide at least a short snippet of written context to support the video. If by the time you upload your video, your page looks like a scam site from the early 2000s, potential customers are probably not going to want to stick around for long. Above all else, it pays to know your audience: what they are looking for, what problems they face, and what they need to address those problems.

Videos Expand Viewing Opportunities

Producing videos alongside written content can expand your viewer base. While many prefer to read text posts, creating video content helps draw in viewers who prefer to watch video content for one reason or another. Whether your viewers have trouble focusing on text or just prefer a quick, concise video over reading, video marketing definitely helps promote your content to a wider audience.

The world is becoming a busier place every day; as a result, fewer people are finding themselves able to sit down and read articles or search through a list of results to find products and services that they need. 

By producing video content, you’re essentially removing the burden of time-investment by bringing information to your viewers in a faster, more organized way. Usually, it’s easier for someone to listen to narration while watching a video than it is to read through hundreds of words of text. Many people retain information when it’s presented in video form, so the content you present via videos is likely to make a more lasting impression than if you were simply to write a blog post on the subject.

Video Marketing is Cost-Effective

If designed correctly, your videos are going to fill the role of an ad. They will, however, take more time to view and involve more interaction than having visitors look at a banner ad posted somewhere online. Even so, video marketing is also more likely to generate traffic to your website than a standard ad. Studies show that adding video content to product pages can increase sales by 6-30%, and videos have increased conversion rates on certain sites by 10% or more.

In addition to the confidence that video content builds in consumers, video marketing is also extremely cost-effective. When you’re selling a product, you usually take photos that show customers exactly what they can expect when they click on the listing. To shoot video of the product in use takes a similar amount of effort, some production and editing skills. However, you will reap great rewards. Posting a video on your website does not cost anything. Most important, uploading to YouTube makes your products visible to potentially billions of people. 

Producing videos might incur a small cost, but hosting possibilities and the opportunity to greatly improve your traffic will make up the difference if executed correctly. Video marketing can and does make a world of difference when it comes to SEO rankings.

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