Shoot the Best Product Videos: 7 Elements to Boost Conversions (2020)

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January 9, 2024

The future is here and videos are more prevalent than ever. Learn how to shoot the best product videos and start converting more visitors into customers, today!

You and your business are entering the realm of the unknown: you've decided to create a product video and aren't sure where to begin.

If this is your first time creating a product video then congratulations! You're about to undergo a very fulfilling process for your company.

Every best-selling product has a killer marketing campaign behind it, and every killer marketing campaign isn't complete without an eye-grabbing video!

There are a few things you should know ahead of shooting.

Listed below are several key factors of the best product videos that you should heavily consider for the one that you create.

1. Get Straight to the Point

Your product video can be the most visually-pleasing, creative piece of marketing material ever but if it doesn't have a clear message, there's no purpose for it.

Customers in the market place want to be drawn in, for sure, but they also don't want to be left wondering.

By the end of the video, your target market should understand a) exactly what your product is and b) why they need to run to the store (or go online) and purchase it right away.

Research has shown that the optimal length of a video is between 11 to 20 seconds long, and that's getting shorter and shorter. Thanks to Youtube "Skip Ad" buttons, customers are getting even more impatient with the length of videos.

Your video has to grab the customer's attention and relay a message within that time range. It's a tall task, but you're up for it!

2. Set Goals, Them Hit Them

Before you start shooting the video or even conceptualizing what type of product video you want to make, list out some goals for the ad.

Are you wanting to boost sales? Do you want to generate more leads by sending them to your website?

List these sorts of goals out and relay them to your entire team.

From there, it's time to put those goals into action. There will be certain setbacks along the way (such as budget restrictions, set availability, etc.), so stick to these goals so that your video keeps its clear message.

This will also help you or your product videographer figure out what type of video would best suit the goals you have.

The goals will provide guidelines for everyone to follow through their respective portions of the finished video.

3. Catch Their Eye Early On

As previously mentioned, the goal for your video length should be between 11 and 20 seconds. Meaning you only have about the first 5 seconds to grab your client's attention.

They have to relate to the customer in some way, otherwise, their mind will turn off because the message doesn't feel like it's directed at them.

Spend these first few seconds to address a need the customer has.

For example, if you were a cell phone provider, a great product video may start with a customer throwing his phone against the wall out of the frustration since he can't find service.

That may be extreme, but you get the point. Customers watching that video will wonder Why did that guy throw his phone? Can I relate to that?

4. Seek Professional Help

It always helps to have experience on your side during your first-ever product video.

Find an expert in creating product videos to unlock your company's full potential and reap the benefits of sales that generate from its message.

The best way to feel out which videographer is for you is by glancing at some of their video portfolios. Do they have the creativity that you're looking for?

5. Figure Out Your Target Audience

You probably already have a target audience somewhat figured out from inventing and creating the product.

Now use that as ammunition for the core message of your video. Who are you directing your video to? What tone catches their ears? Do they like humorous or serious videos?

These aspects will play a big part in your finished product. The video is, after all, for your target audience so you want to make sure it resonates with them most.

6. No Awkward Pauses

Unless you're intentionally adding a second or two of awkward pause for dramatic effect, all of your content needs to be continuous.

It may seem ridiculous, but even a second of wasted time could turn off your customers to the entire video.

Have a message and keep it going throughout the video, you have a plethora of knowledge to share but only seconds to share it... use that time wisely!

7. Have a Clear CTA

What is a CTA? You may be asking yourself. CTA stands for call to action, and it's the most valuable weapon you have for your product video.

It gives the customer direction. It sets an expectation in their mind that they have to purchase your product/service or their life will be incomplete.

Customers want to be told what to do. You're the expert in your field, they'll assume that the directions you give are in their best interest.

Keep the video short, drive the point home, and then tell them what the next steps are!

Set Yourself Up with the Best Product Videos Expert

All of the best product videos have an entire staff that dedicates resources and attention to making it the best they can.

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